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Change your look, change your life.

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Change your look, change your life.

Accessories can transform any outfit, maximizing your wardrobe. They can change your mood and give you confidence. Accessories help you create your own style, express yourself, and be who you want to be. Anita Mallory Designs has a style for everyone and any occasion! Start shopping today and see the transformation in you!




This ~star of the sea~ ring with a gorgeous organic coral shape gives me life. 18k gold plated and adjustable! I love that you can't see where the ring adjusts... it was designed beautifully!”

-Leticia, xoLoveLeti Blog



Sassy New Yorker

“I love my ‘birdnest pendant’ necklace! I wear it with everything from jeans and a T-shirt to that simple black dress. It makes everything I wear look sexier and complete.

-Tersila, New York City


Blogger-This Is Style

I have several pieces of Anita Mallory Designs Jewelry and I love them. The quality is excellent and every time I wear them I receive multiple compliments. 

-Priscila, ThisIsStyle,LLC Blog